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Celebrating brilliance

Spreading Autism Awareness reducing stigmas through education

National Interview with Autism-Live

Young Luciano and his mom join Autism-Live for an interview about the Autism in Classrooms and how we can make things better for the next generation. 

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My Life With Gary Launch (pdf)


Rodriguez Donation of Autism in Classrooms (pdf)


Book Launch

Eleven year old Luciano Magaro launches book with his mother on LIVE TV! A remarkable accomplishment for ANY child! Thank you ABC 27 for chatting with us!

About Us

Talented kids on the spectrum love music arts and are brilliant autistic children

Celebrating Brilliance

Children on the spectrum have beautiful gifts and talents. God made them special for a reason and what they lack in some areas such as socialization or development delays is made up for in other areas. While viewed by society as obsessions we prefer to use the term gifts in describing the talents of an ASD child. Autistic children are beautiful and brilliant in their own way whether it is through a music or artistic talent or brilliance in sharing statistics on an interest. Autism in Classrooms is all about celebrating brilliance by providing literature in classrooms throughout the United States.


Make a difference

Breaking through the misconceptions of Autism Spectrum Disorder and celebrating the brilliance of the minds of individuals diagnosed with ASD is our mission. We do this by placing books to read in classrooms throughout the United States. You can help serve our mission by nominating a classroom to receive children's books and you may also donate to schools on our waiting list. Your partnership will help those with Asperger's Syndrome and/or Autism be embraced by a more tolerant society.

My Life with Gary is available by tax deductible donation. Make a difference  and get a copy for $10

"My Life with Gary"

Based on a true story written by a likable boy and his mother about his daily interactions impacted by his aspergers this children's book designed for grades 3-5 is a much needed read for ALL CHILDREN that will have an introduction with autism by providing an understanding and overall awareness. It is also very helpful for teachers, coaches, and family members to understand a very misunderstood disorder.

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Make a Difference

Autism Awareness Donations Accepted

There are plenty of organisations to donate to but it is important for us to demonstrate why we are different.

We  have a unique opportunity to educate from the inside out of what autism looks like through the distribution of "My Life with Gary," a book written by a boy on the spectrum about what his world looks like.

We possess a strong passion to ditch the stigmas associated with ASD and celebrate the brilliance of these kiddos by focusing on their gifts vs. their deficits. 

Our minimum donation is just $10 in which gets you a FREE  copy of "My Life with Gary." 

Are you able to do more? 

All of our sponsorship packages are surrounded by brilliance! 

We want to put this valuable tool in classrooms throughout the United States. Your support will help us do so! 

Do you just want a book? No problem as we will get you a book with a donation of just $10. 

Thanks for your support!

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meet our team

Jeannette Magaro, Founder


Frustrated by the misconceptions society has with ASD, Magaro founded this organization to make a difference as  CELEBRATING BRILLIANCE is the key to spreading awareness and getting the facts out! Jeannette can be reached at

Jonathan Ginsberg, Sponsorship Coordinator


Jon's daytime talents as the President of Baltimore Web Sharks has lead him to be a dynamic edition in ensuring our message is heard on a national level. Jon can be reached at

Jessica Tiller, Public Relations


Jessica's full-time gig as Vice-President of Weiss PR and kind demeanor makes her not only Maryland's top press choice but an honor to have as part of our team. Jessica can be reached at

Damaris Rodriguez, Events Coordinator


Placing people in their dream homes by day, Damaris leaves no detail untouched, making her a creative talent to our team in coordinating  fundraisers and events. Damaris can be reached at

Marsha Blessing, Branding Expert


Ensuring that our brand has consistency and serves its mission is Marsha's role. As a national publisher the look and feel is something often overlooked and her talent as President of Orison Publishers. She can be reached at

Distribution Coordinator


We are currently in need of a lead that will be the bridge between our nonprofit and the classrooms receiving donations. This role will have experience working with school districts and organizations that support donations.