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Dr. Janiece Andrews, Integrated Medicine & Behavioral Health Services



"My Life With Gary imparts a nearly microscopic view of a walk alongside and inside the world of Luciano. He shares an amazingly complex process in a simple way – so simple that one may find oneself identifying with him. How powerfully busy is the mind of Luciano who straddles each of the worlds with which he interfaces – worlds in which he is interpreting the thoughts, intentions and feelings of those within them. He captures a truism when he acknowledges feelings that no one understands him. He exposes a very intimate struggle that occurs in the classroom. Does an incorrect answer mean he is “incorrect.” The amount of mental and emotional energy utilized in the routine process of navigating the social milieu is enormous and Luciano’s account allows the reader to understand why the child/student/ may appear exhausted and how routines are refreshing energy savers.  A glimpse into the hearts of his loving parents and his special pet are shared and the special sensory gratification he experiences is palpable.

This is a “must – read” for everyone. Not just those who serve in the public arena. For Luciano and Gary are our neighbors, relatives, and friends who heighten and uplift our sense of humanity and awareness of who we think we are."

Danny Lansanah, President of Danny Lansanah Tackling Foundation and Former NFL Player



“This book displays the uniqueness of children that are on the spectrum. Reading this book you will get an understanding of how great of a people they are. "

Rubina Azizdin M.S/Doctoral Student, Director of STEM-UP Network at Hbg University


"My Life with Gary is a great read for all. As we continue to learn more about Autism we see that many leaders in technology have been on the spectrum which is why it's so needed to gather an understanding of the disorder and celebrate the talents of these individuals."